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signed Pulp? (1 Viewer)

i don't care much about collecting, but i decided that i really want to buy
a signed copy of "Pulp". this was my first book and i knew absolutely nothing
about Bukowski at the time

three questions:
are there any signed copies of it out there?
and how can i know that it's a genuine one?
how much should it cost at most?

TIA. Mr.NoMore


old and in the way


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and how can i know that it's a genuine one?
A signed Black Sparrow edition is always a first edition, so one thing to check is the title page. It should be printed in red and black, not just black.

There are a lot of signed older books that are not first editions, because people had Bukowski sign them after the fact, but Pulp is easy, because Bukowski wasn't alive to sign any subsequent versions.

There's a recent thread about a signed edition of Pulp here somewhere, you should read that too.

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