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Signed Roominghouse Madrigals? (1 Viewer)

I have seem people that protect these copies with mylar covers. I don't believe that BSP ever issues paperbacks with these covers, but it was probably added after the fact. Because if this, the condition of the mylar jacket has no bearing on the price. The signature looks fine, at least from here. If I bought it, I would make sure that I paid for it with Paypal and did not use the paypal balance, making sure that it hits your credit card. That way, if it is fake and you file a claim, and paypal finds in your favor, you do not need to worry about them telling you that you are entitled to a refund, but that the seller has no money in their account and that they will "try to get you your money"

Good idea to protect the book with mylar, especially when it's signed on the cover...
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this is really the first time I've ever seen a book with the signature on the side of the spine like that. seems kinda weird to me. why wouldnt have buk opened the book and signed the colophon page or something.

I dunno, just seems kinda funny to me. but yes, as far as the signature, it looks legit.
I have seen a copy of Hollywood that was signed on the cover. That is the only other BSP book that I have seen that way. There are many of the chapbooks that I have seen signed on the front, especially the Wormwood chaps & Relentless as the tarantula.

I am not sure why he did not open the book and sign it there, but it seems legit...


I am the proud owner of a soft back Septuagenarian Stew that is signed on the front cover (across the top of the book) - it was obtained through a particular channel via someone who had an arrangement with Bukowski to get books signed - it may just have been one of his things to sign uncalled for, whatever print, soft backs on their front covers.
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