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This new book is available now on eBay from Water Row press. Published by Fantragraphics, we worked with Wilson and his wife Lorraine to do this special bookplate that I designed and printed. Wilson had an accident a few years ago and cannot draw anymore. Signing is difficult. I'm not making money off the sale of these. Just got my copy today. Bill.
Congratulations, book looks very interesting. Do you know if this volume contains any Bukowski related material, or will that appear in later volumes?
no Bukowski stuff that I saw, although a lot from the same time (Zap, ETC.).

My kids were nearby, so I had to be careful as a lot of the drawings are explicit.

I expect that there will be more volumes, just not sure when.

Wilson illustrated about a dozen Bukowski stories for Oui magazine in 1984 and 1985. Samples will appear in Volume two of The Mythology of S. Clay Wilson. Wilson regretted never meeting Bukowski in person. They communicated by mail and phone.
nice bookplate! i got a different bookplate that's signed by rosenkranz and wilson at his appearance in san francisco a couple weeks ago. i only made the tail end of the event, but it was cool to meet him in person if only briefly.
Wilson really enjoyed that event in SF. Thanks for coming.
Demons & Angels: The Mythology of S. Clay Wilson, volume two will be out Spring 2015.

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