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This isn't a great picture, but the signature looks pretty questionable to me. Not to even mention the fact that it's a Bukowski signature on a Robinson Jeffers stamp.

Hand Signed 1st Day of Issue Stamp

"For some reason the envelope has been cut in half."

Maybe because the first attempt at copying Bukowski's signature was even worse, and had to be discarded. ;)
Yeah, I threw up a $.99 bid just for fun. I'm willing to pay a few bucks for it. If it is fake, it will be clear once I receive it....

Yeah, I agree that the sig looks "off".

If it is forged, then the telltale signs will show. To see them, I would need to see it in person.

Even in that poor photo, I see more wrong about it than right...

Maybe the envelop is cut in half because it was addressed to someone besides Bukowski. If it had been addressed to him, wouldn't the signature half have been kept attached to the address half? Any guesses as to possible legitimate reasons for the cutting? I once sold a real Buk letter that had the signature and drawing cut out. I knew why: my friend, a small press editor, who received the letter, used the original art in the paste up of his magazine. He could have photocopied it and used that for the paste up, saving the letter, but in those days not many were thinking a Buk letter with art would be worth big $$$.
There is no reason to cut the bottom off. Signed FDCs are almost always addressed to someone other than the person that signs it. I think that MJP may have hit the nail on the head...

Is'nt FDC's something you arrange with the postal authorities, that normally include lots of envelopes? If there were a bunch of those Buk FDC's out there, we would've have heard of them a long time ago. The guy on the envelope and stamp does'nt even look like Buk, not much, anyway.
Maybe the seller found this FDC and thought the guy looked enough like Buk to pull off a swindle.
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I wondered the same thing, Bukfan. I'm no stamp collector, but the FDCs I've seen have only been signed by someone relevant to the subject of the stamp. Why would Buk sign this and draw a picture on it? But then, if it's a forgery, why do it on a First Day Cover? Why not on something related to Bukowski? Maybe no Buk books were handy? Strange. This is an item that definitely needs a back story and some provenance.
I already have a Bukowski signed Captain Crunch and Count Chocula. you got any Luck Charms?

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