SILVER: An Eclectic Anthology of Poetry & Prose, dedicated to poet Jack Micheline (1 Viewer)


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Edited by
Joan Jobe Smith
Melanie Villines

Contributors include: Linda King, Gerald Locklin, Amy Lowell, Clint Margrave ,
Ann Menebroker, Jack Micheline, Joan Jobe Smith, Mark Weber, Pamela Miller Wood
and many others.


Photo: "Jack Micheline, 1982, Amsterdam" © Eddie Woods, 1982

http://silverbirchpress.wordpress.c...line-in-amsterdam-cd-from-unrequited-records/ birch press silver anthology
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Linda King to Joan Jobe Smith

I have been reading again the SILVER, An Electric Anthology of Poetry and Prose, I went straight to my poems and all the people I know in the book, but only realized a couple of days that you were one of the editors. Wow!
You did a fantastic job with this book it has some wonderful writing and poems. I was so busy stressing out over my own book and my typos, etc. I didn't get back to this one. I didn't see one mistake. I hope you had a wonderful launch party. I like your story about the bar and the L.A. Riot. Having own a bar I can relate.

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