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For now we'll just let everything pile up in one forum, and over time the categories we need to add will become apparent. I would rather wait and grow naturally than start with 20 different (empty) forums. [Edit 1/16 - Well, that didn't last long.]

For the first couple of weeks you'll probably notice little things changing here and there while we get things tweaked the way we want them to be.

As far as content goes there won't be any censorship. If someone is an asshole we'll just have to live with it. Just like in real life. On the other hand, if someone is dedicating their life to disrupting or ruining the forum -- well, there are ways to deal with them.

Anyone registering in the first week will be tagged "Charter Member," which entitles you to absolutely nothing. Well, maybe in the future we'll figure out a way to lord it over newbies. Member promotions run once an hour, so if you're not a charter member right away, you will be soon.

What else? I don't know, you tell me.

I'm the latest user here. I'm from Poland and I'm fan of Bukowski's book. In Poland we have just 10 Bukowski's novels and stories and 3 poems books.


P.S Sorry for my english. Correct me :)
how's the database going? I could help you out, you know. I might take a look at my files and sent you some unpublished stuff (the titles and so on).
Sure, I'll take anything. Sometimes it kind of piles up and then I do it in bunches, so you might not see it up there right away. But by all means, send anything you've got. Titles of unpublished works are good, copies of the manuscripts are better. But I'll take just the titles too.

The database - that needs to be redone. Not just the interface (which is sucky) but the database itself. I've learned a lot about designing databases since I started that monster, and it could be a lot more efficient and useful. At 5600 lines or whatever it is, it's a bit of a chore reconfiguring it. But I'm working on it.

The database is about the only thing Martin didn't scream at me about, so I assume they used it themselves. ;)
if he did, he wasn't too good at it. there are REPEATED poems in the last 5-6 books of poems.
In fact, when I interviewed him, he acknolewged that (it also happened in previous collections in the 90's) by saying they were "slips". oh, well....
This grey place

I designed this site on a regular CRT monitor and it looks fine, but I'm here today looking at it on the laptop for the first time and all the grey just looks like shit. Anyone else with an LCD monitor find it all looks like a bland, metallic mess? I'm also open to the idea that my old laptop isn't what it used to be...but whatever it is, I'm not digging this.
hoochmonkey9 said:
wasn't yellow Buk's favourite colour?

yeah it was.

The grey looks ok. Maybe just increase the contrast between the menu text and the background grey a little.

Now I think about it, I've never liked that photo of Buk with the typer at his chest. Maybe I'd like one of the original signed prints, but other than that...

Maybe you could call on Mrs B Martin to spruce it up design-wise... ho ho.. :p
hank solo said:
Maybe you could call on Mrs B Martin to spruce it up design-wise... ho ho.. :p
Ha! Yeah, let me get her on the phone.

I think maybe stick with the grey, but more contrast, yes. We need more contrast, man!
Yeah, use Hank Solo's pic. That's a good one. Buk with the typer at his chest feels like a parody, an in-joke. We need the cool Hank. Maybe even use one with him slamming back a beer.
Hmm, I think the pictures of him drinking beer are more parody than holding the typer. He tilted the bottle up almost vertically and kept it up there for along time, and in films when you see him bring it down, most times you can see he's hardly swallowed any beer at all. Performance. Show.

The typewriter on the other hand, he did love, and I don't think he was trying to be goofy or ironic in that picture at all. But the only one who really knows is six feet under now, so it's all speculation. It's unique among the same old pictures you always see. Maybe something will replace it down the road, but I'm sticking with it for now.
Greyness works fine for me.

Gotta admit I liked the typer-photo too. Never seen it before,first thought it was an accordion. Made me think of "Play the piano drunk..."

Another idea: when you choose "send shortcut to the desktop" it would be nice if a Buk-icon were used to mark the shortcut.
You could use one of Buk's simple drawaings for example.... a crow, a dog, or a bottle...
Erik said:
Another idea: when you choose "send shortcut to the desktop" it would be nice if a Buk-icon were used to mark the shortcut.
You could use one of Buk's simple drawaings for example.... a crow, a dog, or a bottle...
Good idea. I'll see what I can work up as a browser favorite and a file icon.
Hmm. Threads with a new post should be bold:


And from the main page, forums with new threads have a colored icon. If there are no new threads the icon is grey.
It would be kind of hard to offer significantly different themes and still integrate with the site navigation.
true, I didn't think of that. I guess that's why you're the smart one and I just read Bukowski, Huh. Dude I'd post here even if the the color scheme was pink on purple. It doesnt really matter.
These forums

I would just like to say that these forums have already surpassed what I thought would take a year to build, and we're only getting started.

The level of thought and passion that has gone into many of the posts is truly impressive, and I look forward to the future discussions. There's certainly no end of material to talk about.

Kudos to everyone for a great launch and a solid first couple of months.

And all you lurkers, jump in and say hello. I know that a couple of you in particular would be very welcome voices...
Lurking is not a good medicine for the soul :D

Come on, guys, jump aboard and share it here with us! We're not withholding any valuabe info. here, maybe just tiny little details nobody would even care, not even us B freaks!
The contents of the site have been around for years, but the forums are new. That's what I mean, it doesn't seem like it. Impressive contributions from everyone.

What does 'Charter Member' mean? I thought at first that it referred to members not resident in the US, but I've seen some US located members featuring that title...

Can you please explain? Thanks.
The people you see with the "Charter Member" tag were here in the first week of the forum. Pioneers! ;) There are 36 Charter Members.

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