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This was sent to me by an old friend of Buk's
Who has work featured in here....

We are pleased to announce that the September 2007 Sketchbook is now on line. We hope you will visit the magazine-enjoy reading your own selections and those of the other fine writers published this month.

Submissions are now open for the October 31, 2007 Sketchbook. Fall theme poems are very appropriate for this issue. However, we do not want to limit your subject matter.

I look forward to you October submissions to Sketchbook.

John Daleiden, Sketchbook editor
Karina Klesko, Sketchbook editor
Yow -- Haigay, Rengay, Mondo, Renku, Tanka, Haiku, Western Ci... and an ad for a book of "Outlaw Poets?" I didn't know outlaws used so many rigid forms. ;)

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