Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD (1 Viewer)
I just heard about this. It is this weekend and only about 90 minutes away. I see that Kilgore Books is going to be there. Is that you going, Dan?

Also, I see some other cool folks, so I may make the trip.

oh shit, if you go, you gotta get some books signed for me!!! i'll reward you handsomely. there are a few authors there with brand new books who rarely come to the west coast, and it's killing me.
I'm not sure what to photograph. It is more a comic book/graphic novel convention than a small press poetry expo. Most of the people that I want to see there are artists and my friends at Kilgore Books (Dan, you gonna be there?) The others that I want to see are:

Robbi & Matthew from Idiotsbooks. They live in Chestertown, MD. Robbi is the person that interviewed Crumb when he was last here. They put out a great series of books.

Jay Stephens. He did the artwork for both books by Owen Roberts that I published. He also created Tutenstein and a bunch of comic books.

Joyce Brabner.

Olly Moss. Poster Artist

I think that is it. And whoever Jordan needs me to see...

no pressure or anything - but... if you could get any of the following, i'd be eternally in your debt (well, even more in your debt than i already am).
- ganges #3 and #4 by kevin huizenga (signing at fantagrahpics from 1-3 on sat and 3-4:30 on sun)
- paying for it by chester brown (signing at drawn and quarterly from 11-2 on sat and 12-2 on sun)
- pure pajamas by marc bell (signing at drawn and quarterly from 4-7 on sat and 2-4 on sun)

i've got some signed books that i can send you as thanks (books that, for one reason or another, i have multiple copies of).
the name is a little deceptive - just like the "alternative press expo" in san francisco in october...

"alternative" in this case meaning "not marvel or DC"

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