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Those big balls probably got in the way of the interwebs and fucked everything up. Sad story.
speaking of that, the 10pt press website seems to be gone too. Maybe Sean is still on this website. I can access the design side, but not the publisher site. I know that he published Hosh, j.b. and Cunningham, but I never got all of the broadsides. Did they decide to stop publishing?

thank god... i've never met or corresponded w/the 10pt press guy, but i'd be way more sad about someone who makes beautifully-designed handprinted broadsides falling by the wayside than another "press" that designed their logo in MS paint, threw together a website, and churned out one print-on-demand book after another.

i feel bad ragging on any small press, since it's good that people do it in whatever form, but i remember being annoyed by what amounted to a spam message by the publisher, and i wonder how big balls you really need to run the kind of press that's basically one notch up the effort scale from just hosting a poetry/fiction blog.
Hello everyone. Sorry you couldn't get onto the Publishing page Bill. Which broads are you missing? - I'll have in the post pronto for you.

I'm still here but have had to take a slight sabbatical because I have been financially crippled to be honest. I'm looking to upgrade my machinery to an Arab Press at some stage to improve output.

Thanks for the kind words. Thanks Hosh!!

Hey Sean,
hosh pointed me in the right direction. It seems that my link on my website is pointing to a page that may have moved. I'll order them through the system and paypal you, unless I have already paid for them? I am in need of the Cunningham and McGetterick broads.

"Some balls are held for charity
And some for fancy dress
But when they're held for pleasure
They're the balls that I like best"

Sorry. Sounds like a good concept.

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