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small press/zine grab bags (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
continuing in my desire to thin the huge pile of chapbooks, ephemera, zines, and associated printed material that i have been neglecting for lo these many years, i came up with some grab bags, which you can buy here.

There are three tiers, which will reflect the size/quality of the material therein. Rest assured that no matter the tier, I paid way more for what's inside - since I got a lot of this stuff for free or discounted, I'm specifically out to make no profit. The problem is that at this point, I can't remember what I got for free, what I got for a special "bro" price, and what I paid full price for. So that's why it's all getting mixed together and spread around for mere pennies on the dollar.

highlights include:
poetry book by A.D. winans
some artbureau magazines
a few bottle of smoke chapbooks
centennial press publications
amanda oaks books
an islands fold book or two
literary journals

i'll leave the links in the chance press store live until i don't have enough stuff left to make any more grab bags. and of course, there's always the possibility that no one buys anything. but hopefully there will be some takers, since this stuff is just sitting all alone in a shoebox!
they're up at store.chancepress.com. they're blind grab bags, so the idea is that you pay a set amount, and i put together a bunch of cool stuff and send it to you.

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