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We usually get about 2-3" throughout the entire winter season. Some years, we have gone without any snow at all.

About a month ago, we got 24" of snow.

Last week we got 9" of snow.

We are under a blizzard warning today and tomorrow. They are calling for 18 - 24" of snow here, but they are saying that it is unpredictable. We could get much more. Visibility will be down to 1/4 mile, and most likely all airports will close. I have no plans on leaving the house, except to make a snowman or two with the kids.

We have had a strangely cold year. This, of course, leads all of the right-wing wackos to claim that global warming is a farce and that somehow 2 cold months proves it (forgetting all of the scientific evidence). We still have snow from the last two snows and now this.

I actually like getting snow. Better to get snow when it is cold than have it be 34 degrees and just get rain.

I'll take pictures....

Same winter over here, Bill.
Very uncommon. Lots of snow, very cold.
Last time we had a cold winter like this must have been 15 years ago.
This winter reminds my of my youth, when you had the same cold winter every year.
You know, like in Montreal... bbbrrr
i've been hearing all morning on npr there's a storm coming to the D.C. area they're saying could be of "historic proportion". up to 30 inches maybe.
yeah, make sure you got whatever supplies you need.

we've had hardly any snow in toronto this winter for a change.
the last two were, well, hell.
They are now saying up to 30" of wet snow, with 50 mile an hour wind. That spells power outages, kids.

Of course, we coul;d only get a foot of snow. These things are unpredictable.

Still, they are calling for snow to start any minute and continue for the next 36 hours.

Good luck Bill. Make sure to start a fire in the fireplace to melt snow for water when all of the pipes burst and the power goes out.

If you have to eat the dog I'll understand. Corgis are too tough and full of gristle.
Yeah, the weather is pretty dangerous here today too. It is all gloomy, and water is falling from the sky! Fuck!
Snow storms like this are the exact reason I left the East Coast behind. After starting a drive home on a night when the skies were supposed to be "clear" I ended up at about 20 mph on the Mass Turnpike, driving 2 hours what should have taken me 45 minutes.

Right then and there, I decided it was time to move. And outside of last year where we got nailed with snow, its been an ok trio of winters.

Hope it all falls your way Bill. Stay safe and inside if possible. Keep us updated!
Winter Olympics start in a week near here. Haven't had snow, or very cool temperatures, for close to a month. It's been a great winter to drive. But, man, are we going to pay to stage this party.
Same winter over here, Bill.
Very uncommon. Lots of snow, very cold.
Last time we had a cold winter like this must have been 15 years ago.
This winter reminds my of my youth, when you had the same cold winter every year.
You know, like in Montreal... bbbrrr

Same here! Lots of snow. Cars and even a train got stuck in the snow drifts. Temperatures below Minus (Celsius) day and night for weeks now. Next week looks the same, they say.
Its all wierd.My folks live in NC and have had a record year for snow too. We usually get a shit load here. this year we've had less than half the average snow fall. Global warming? I'm all for it.
In Quebec, not much snow this year for sure, so far...
March could be nasty.
The worst I've seen is the 1998 ice storm when one milion people were without electricity, some for a month.

icestorm 1998.jpg
Here are some photos. We got a bit more than 24" of snow. Hard to tell as the blizzard winds caused major drifting of the snow, so if you measure it in some places, you show 24", but in others, where it has drifted against a building, you can get 48".

They are not calling for it to rise above 32" for the next week, so I will probably work from home all week.


This is my oldest daughter jumping off my Jeep...

My back deck, including my grill (to the left)

The back yard through the rear kitchen window.

The back yard. The gutter to the right is buckling and will probably get ripped off when the snow comes down. Luckily it is close to the ground and I can buy another and put it up myself.
It could be worse. Many do not have power. We have power and it is nice and toasty warm here. We may try to get out of the house today for a short run to the corner store for a paper and energy drinks....

I do love snow. I can't lie. It makes getting places a pain, but it is beautiful and the kids love playing in it...

After having two snowless Calif years I was scared of a Boston winter but we've had a mild one with less snow than average and fairly temperate.

The snow going up my nose is a different story and along with the acid is making things look cheery and bright.

I am on acid and blow.
Nice snow pics, Bill! You sure got your fair share. Lots of snow here too from a snow storm we had last Tuesday...
The snow always covered up all of the dirty and ugly things while making everything very quiet. I miss it for 20 years now, except for the snow flurries that melt in a few hours.
They are calling for another massive snowstorm tomorrow night. They say 10 - 18 inches on top of the 24" that we already have. Nothing has melted. We have dug ourselves out and can get around. The roads are ok, once you get out of the neighborhoods. The problem will be when another 18" hits and there is just no where to put it.

Ha! It could be worse. It is a pain, but not too bad. My wife and kids will not have school probably for the entire week.

all I can say is thanks goodness I live in Canada where we have very little snow. at this point. ;)
Man Bill, that is just insane. I can't even begin to imagine, how anyone could venture out in that. Especially for things like going to work, etc. I would not want to leave the house, unless it were a trip to the hospital, in weather like that.
I have to drive to Baltimore today for work (90 miles away). I will spend the day visiting clients there and then I'll race back to try to beat the snow.

That is the worst part, having to drive in it. Otherwise, it is pretty cool...

Those are the best homemade tires ever. Those must have taken a couple of weeks to make. Are they made for ice or rocks? They are fugly.
Well, today begins Chicago's share of Snowmageddon 2010. Here on the NW side of the city, we have about 7-8 inches and it's still falling steadily. Total accumulation of 10-14" by tomorrow morning. Then we'll enjoy some 15-25 mph winds - those should be nice.

I live in a modest 2nd-floor apartment, but it has a good view of the street and surrounding houses from the bay windows. Snow-covered evergreen trees back-lit by the streetlights are a nice sight. People tend to let their dogs off the leash to dive into the snow banks along the sidewalks. Dogs and little kids remind us to enjoy the fun side of this weather and that's what I try to focus on.
I like snowpocalypse better:) The winds that are set to move in are going to be troublesome. There are people here,(Pittsburgh) that have been without power since last Friday.That is what I worry about most.
Well if it gets much worse you could almost call it a snowlocaust.

But then James Ellroy and Sara Palin would probably try to deny it ever happened...

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