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Which books were genuinely signed by Bukowski but published after his death? And were they all published with the same method (signed blank pages bound in at the time of publishing)? I'm curious... while I'm still getting to know the finer points of collecting Bukowski, I'm sticking to abebooks, where I feel like there's less of a chance of getting ripped off than on Ebay.
Living on Luck
Betting on the Muse

I believe that's it. And yes, all signed on blank sheets.

By the way, if you are serious about collecting Bukowski, the first thing you should buy is Aaron Krumhansl's bibliography... it gives extensive details about points of the various editions. Also, if you see something you'd like on ebay but aren't sure of the signature you might post it here. There are several forum members who are good at spotting fakes and questionable sigs.
I think only Pulp, Living on Luck and Betting on the Muse were signed (blank pages tipped in, as you say) then released after March 9 1994.


Oops. We must have been writing a reply at exactly the same time.

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