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What with the passing of Don Meredith the poem "the gentleman and the bastard" (War All The Time) comes to mind.

Four pages, sort of lost with the "horsemeat" section dominating the book. But the poem is about the passing of two L.A. Ram quarterbacks in 1983: Bob Waterfield and Norm Van Brocklin. I sort of remember Van Brocklin (I see he coached the Vikings) but Waterfield was before my time. He was married to actress Jane Russell!

The two played together in the late 1940s up until around 1952. A two quarterback system. Bukowski gets all the names right (Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch, etc.) and he could be just parroting the sports pages (buy the paper and you probably will read more than just the morning line) but he ends the poem with:

and I haven't
to any Ram

It's a stretch but I guess we could place Buk at the Coliseum for a couple Sunday afternoons back then.

Anyway RIP Dandy Don. I watched the 1967 "Ice Bowl" highlights for the first time in years. First game I actually ever remember getting excited about.


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