So, how many of you are writers? (1 Viewer)

I think I'll take a wild conjecture here and say all of you?

I am guilty (only a dreamer here) , but I think that is most likely the normal around a place like this.

Buk was a great writer, but a part of what made him great for me, was that he stuck to "it" for SO long before there was much recognition from anyone (not even his mommy) , and that he would have kept it going to the end. I am obsessed with the idea of only pleasing myself when I write. It seems that it really can be the only "pure" way to go about this crack-less nut... but I am only a dreamer.
Good question. Show of hands?
(I'm raising my hand, though some might argue)

And as DaPrince34 says, do what makes you happy, because it makes you happy, and otherwise try to divorce yourself from outcomes wherever possible!
I am but I never show anyone basically, except occasionally a close fiend, I mean friend. It's just to vent or for personal gratification, like singing in the shower.
I for one want to hear one of your shower tunes!

I don't think you're a dreamer. Their's no point to any of this, writing or whatever, if you aren't doing it to please yourself.

I would disagree - there's no point of doing anything if you're only doing it to please yourself.
I would disagree - there's no point of doing anything if you're only doing it to please yourself.
I would say the first step is pleasing yourself even in the smallest ways, then extrapolate that with other people. I don't know I guess what I meant is do what makes you happy, as cliche as it sounds, it's true. Then, or during that phase, you can help others. Either way I don't know, as of right now I write to please myself, it's fulfilling even if I'm unpublished in the poetry field.

However, from the cosmic perspective we are just one small part of something so much greater, I guess it is a bit selfish to only please yourself. I don't know, I'm talking in circles now.
I became a writer when I was in school, I wrote poems about dolphins and other children. I never believed you had to be published to be recognised as a writer - if you made furniture for your house and didn't make a penny does that mean you aren't a carpenter?

All these years later I still write poems, one was published and others I am going to try and get published but until now I do it because I have to, it's like a need to vomit the words out or I get ill and frustrated. I could never do this for fame or for people to think I am a great writer...for me it is a must, a way to survive.
Okay, so I have had too much of my favorite distilled what-eva. I'm now looking for a quote from Factotum that goes something along the lines of this idea " once a writer follows what others want him to be he should be flushed down the toilet like so many other turds" maybe it's just from the movie and not his book? I do remember this being from his book though. I just can't find it in this "State" . I think if found, it would pertain to this thread. I hate being drunk sometimes!
I only recently started calling myself a writer. I've only been published a tiny bit, but that is not why I started to call myself one because I still wasn't calling myself a writer after that happened. I just didn't have the confidence. I still don't, but I am writing more now than I ever have and I'm finally taking myself seriously, because if I don't, who will?

Since I was very young I wrote short stories and poetry. I even wrote a terrible movie script when I was 17. I've always been writing. And I tried my hand at getting into small presses way back when to no avail. I finally gave up - for about 30 years. Now I try once in a blue moon.

Now I've been working on a memoir since 2010. Maybe it will get published. Or maybe it won't.

DaPrince is right - except for the part about being selfish. You have to please yourself when you're an artist because you can't do it for others. That wouldn't make any sense.

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