so, i drew him, then i quoted a whole, poem - and (1 Viewer)

[Edit] My question in the form of a poem is removed. Thank you for the helpful link. The hand lettered sketchbook drawing:

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Those sorts of inquiries should be sent to his current publisher, HarperCollins/Ecco.

You can show your art here if you'd like, but if you don't have a thick skin it's probably best if you don't.

And please don't post in the form of a poem again.
Right. Much better. Way, way better.

I was just scoping out your site and noted that the book I named in my forum profile (and from which I first read the poem after seeing the same version of it used on a Yotube video, reading thing) as my current favourite is among those you note are best destroyed let alone discarded.

Earlier this new year I finished reading Love Is A Dog From Hell and went looking for more. At this point I have three of the books you advise I should not. I'm grateful for them all the same as I am unaware of how to come by the authentic versions.

As a friend of mine said when he saw my sketchbook page (he being not one of the ones who wants a print), if "Buk saw it, he would piss on it and desecrate his own work." Clearly I am ill equipped to say. On a technicality I suppose he wouldn't be pissing on his own work, rather on a re-work of it by someone else. All 'round a good day for the thick skinned.
I appreciate that PhillyDave. At the time I was utterly unaware of the the reality of alternate versions. :) The issue of copyright remains though, in researching this, I have seen where a copyright notice is attributed on the art even though permission has not been formally gained.

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