-So what are we going to do? (1 Viewer)

The following text is claimed to come from Bukowski, but I can not figure out from where.

-So what are we going to do?
-The love.
-Perfect, then I take off my clothes.
-And why do you take off your clothes?
-To make love.
-And who told you that you have to undress to make love?
-As far as I know, that’s how it is done.
-No, that is not love, that is possession.
-I don’t understand, and how is it done?
-Leave your clothes on and talk until we get tired, until we try to decipher ourselves, until we know everything by heart, until we discover our deepest secrets, until we melt just by looking at us, until these eyes get tired and force me to to sleep.
-And will you try to keep them open again?
-Yes, just to see you.

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