So what do YOU do when you watch Barfly? (1 Viewer)

personally, i like to have a few drinks with my barfly. it gives me more of the feeling that i'm there. :cool: of course, i usually end up having too much, and then REALLY feeling like im there.
i dont have time right now. school.

no time for watching only 4 hours of the greatest footage you will ever see in your life???

come on (in?) !

even if you had 23 hours of school every day, that would leave you enough time to finish the BUK-TAPES in only 4 days/nights!

Do your homework! Watch the Bukowski-Tapes!!!
One time, it was the wee hours of the morning and we all decided to watch Barfly while I was getting pleasured by a drunk.

Other than that, I like to chain-smoke and be naked in bed. The drink would come too, except, I've reluctantly quit drinking.
I too drink, a little bit... with a barfly, i know... unfortunately not "my" barfly...

yeah most times i get too much at the time,when Hank's neighbour stabs himself accidentially, in that fight

"I don't like how you treat your wife!"
"And i don't like your face..."

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