So where's their info for the timeline come from, eh? (1 Viewer)


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Well, it's not really possible to "protect" information that's out here on the Internet (unless it's very specific and you are the originator). And the purpose of the site isn't to keep information exclusive anyway, it's to spread it like the Zika virus. That's how I look at it, I know that everyone doesn't share that outlook.

But that's why I put so much emphasis on making the site(s) Google-friendly, and keeping up with those things (no one does that for fun or relaxation - ha). Someone can copy the timeline - or anything else on the site - but they can't copy our Google search result ranking. So let them bite.
only very rarely I find texts about Buk on some sites, that is verbatim from something, I've written about him. If I do, I always feel flattered and satisfied.

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