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lothario speedwagon
continuing our tradition of starting threads about books WAY before they're ready, we're excited to announce the publication of 'some are young and some are free' by Skinner. we've been talking to skinner off and on since october of last year about working together, and things are coming together now. this book will (hopefully) be released in october, with a first printing limited to 50 copies, although we will do more printings as demand dictates. i have a feeling these will sell FAST.

here is the title page (this is a scan from the raw artwork, but I will tweak the layout to fit the page better):


as is my tendency, i will post updates and process pics as we get closer to the release date. get excited!
This title page reminds me of when I was younger and would carve my name and the person I was dating's name, along with a heart, into the birch tree behind my house, and then I would get screamed at by my parents for "killing the tree" So what new tricks are you going to incorporate into this new release?
yeah, something similar. originally, the grand plan was for this multi-layered super complex thing, but... i think we might have set ourselves up for some serious disappointment if we'd gone with that idea.

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