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Digney in Burnaby

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This has many flaws and omissions but is a beginning. I may never find the 1973 NOLA info as it wasn't in the library five years ago and still isn't as of two weeks ago. Microfilm reel missing. I did ask a few years back and the library doesn't know where it is either.

So, a jpeg of a spreadsheet. Hopefully self-explanatory but most things I think are that way aren't.

NOLA 69 to 72.jpg
It's funny how putting information like this into a list or table can make context so much more clear. Nice work.
Great work, Digney! - The story, "I wrapped a towel around my bloody cock...", which is not collected, reminds me of the story, "Not quite Bernadette", in "Hot Water Music". It couldn't be that one, could it, or a similar story?
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Thanks, Digney. Very cool. I just went through it quickly and noticed that several of these have been collected.
#51, "I had been drunk for a week" is titled "The Cat in the Closet" and is in Portions.
#97, "It's a world, it's a world of potential suicides" is from the Dec. 31 1971-Jan. 13, 1972 issue and is in More Notes of A Dirty Old Man.
#101, "Monday afternoon was my day to see the girl" is in More Notes.
#104, "Sitting with a bottle at the typewriter" is in Absence of the Hero.
I can go through the whole list later if you want, but it looks like most of it is groovy.
Thanks David for the additions. If you could go through the list that would be great.

And Bogdan Bukfan, you nailed it. Not Quite Bernadette from Hot Water Music is the same story. Collected.

Add a couple more from Hot Water Music: Scream When You Burn from NOLA #91 and A Working Day from NOLA #103.

I have revised the list. Will post those revisions in a short while, after other corrections come to light.

I've never contacted Robert Head or Darlene Fife. It would be great to get the 1973 info sorted.

edit Sorry, Bukfan, it was you who caught the bleeding cock, not Bogdan. ;-)
Bukfan, you nailed it. Not Quite Bernadette from Hot Water Music is the same story. Collected.

Great! It would have been strange if there was more than one story about a bleeding cock wrapped in a towel.:)

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