Some of Us Missed the Chance to Grease Palms (1 Viewer)


Miss Take
If there were still an option, I would donate money for the extra perks!

I know there is shit here other people have that I don't...

And man, my private message box maxes like every freakin' day!

Fifty private messages???

I got no nifty avatar text...

Who does a woman have to bribe to get some perks around here?


Miss Take
i guess what we're saying is we want the chance to donate money to, or to somehow work off a larger personal message box by perhaps cleaning erasers or washing dishes...


Founding member
I'll take it up with the board and see what can be done about PMs and snarky titles.

No donations though. Thanks for offering.


Miss Take
roni, if you can get mjp to give me a larger private message inbox and a snarky title, not only will i do your dishes - i'll do your laundry...


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