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someone got a good deal... (1 Viewer)

Sounds like the seller bought it in San Pedro or somewhere nearby. Looks pretty bumped up for a "never opened" copy, but a hundred bucks is still a good deal.

I'll post some photos when it arrives. I wasn't sure about the story, unless he bought it at Red's bookstore. And there does appear to be some corner ruffling that belies the "unread" claim. I did get the sense that the "original dustjacket" was quite beat up and it was a bit hard to tell the difference between pictures with and without the dust jacket.

Did Red or any other local sellers make DJ's for signed or limited wraps editions?
I think it might have come from my friends bookstore in San Pedro where Bukowski did a book signing. Sort of looks like his writing on the top corner. Congrats on the good deal.
sorry i kicked up the price, ps. i've done that to bill before too (and probably others on this forum).

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