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Someone's new Year's Resolution is to list things for 10 times the value (1 Viewer)


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It's not even in great condition if you check the enlargement. Looks scratched up. But yeah, $1500. Why not? It's just good business!

The bitch of it is someone will probably buy it and then 50 of those will flood eBay, listed for a grand each. Ha.
You and I both know the seller has the BIN price so high that when someone makes an offer near what the last of these sold for ($400 something) the buyer will feel better about still spending too much money.

IF someone pays $1500 I might offer the seller a few bucks to give me the buyer's address in order to pull a Paper Moon-esque con with Bukowski substituted for the Bible:cool:


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Wow, does anyone remember what the last one on eBay sold for? I was watching it, and thought it was about $300.00 but can't remember...

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