"sometimes even putting a nickel into a parking meter feels good" (1 Viewer)


If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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Been reading poems on an iPhone lately, and it works.
Never thought I'd like it, but there's something about holding the poem in the palm of your hand.
There's only a few lines visible at a time.
This causes a kind of focus I don't get when reading from a book.
Maybe its just me.

Anyway, one day when my disappointment with my co-workers was nagging me more than usual. (I mean why do so many sub-IQs end up as bosses...) I came across this line (on my iPhone) which was not what I was expecting from Buk.

the real miracles are the thousands of tiny
people who know exactly what they are doing.

- "sometimes even putting a nickel into a parking meter feels good"”"
And believe it or not, something like that was what I needed.
I just wasn't expecting it from a Buk-poem.
But, of course, the misanthropy thing is just one side of Buk's poems.
Being disgusted with mankind and life also means you have great expectations of men and life.

By the way: there's a carbon copy of the original poem here: head for the vault

PS: JM has put his mark on this one as well...
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anyway.Editing statements like Fairly good, tumbling grenades, and clean shorts ,all in the front part of a poem makes very little since.However,was probably logical to Martin and exceptable to a standard because he didn't alter the Title, in words or position.

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