"sometimes there's nothing more to say about death" (1 Viewer)

Does anyone know which poem this quote is from?

I read a Bukowski poem ages ago that ended with something like "sometimes there's nothing more to say about death"... Although I'm going on memory so paraphrasing here. I think it was to do with a horse dying/being shot at the race track (typical Bukowski :) ).

Can anyone help me out? I would usually scour the Bukowski poetry books I own, but they are all currently in storage as I am moving house... and it is driving me nuts not knowing!
"one thousand dollars" in The People Look Like Flowers At Last.

my horse turned left
ran through the fence
fell down and
right there
at 7/5.
Thank you thank you thank you!
Honestly, you have no idea how much that has been bugging me trying to place that line. It's been going around and around in my head all day (ironically!)

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