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Another quote without a source. This time a truly great one, whether it's by Bukowski or not: "Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink."

Does anyone know where this comes from? Is it even Buk?
I don't think it's Bukowski either, but I've heard it before and it's bugging me that I can't place it.

Wait, I said that already. Wine is evil.
Y'all may not believe this, but urine is, by and large, sterile. Spitting in a sink is far more disgusting than pissing in it. Society tells you otherwise, but get over that. At the end of the day, it's all about how much actual risk you are exposed to, right? Piss is at the very bottom of that list.
I like the quote and I'm sure I've seen that specific one but I can't place it either, but he certainly did a pee in one:

‘Wait,’ I said, ‘I’ve got to piss!’ I walked over to the sink and pissed.

Bukowski, Charles (2001-07-07). Ham on Rye (Canons) (p. 310). Canongate Books. Kindle Edition.
sorry Johannes, mjp, hooch and others who don't believe, this sounds like Bukowski: I do.
I don't say, it IS by him, as I have no source either. But I can see a great many situations in his prose and even poetry, where he'd say a thing like this and use these words.

[...] urine is, by and large, sterile. [...]
yeah, that's why drug-tests on this basis don't work. Or other medical tests.
But fun aside: I do agree with you, that spit is dirtier, sure. Even shaking hands is dirtier.

All in all, I find it much cleaner to piss in the sink and have the water flush afterwards (you can even save the environment this way through using the same water for 'flushing' AND washing your hands!), than pissing into a regular bowl while standing up and having all the stuff spitting around.
girls ... can't use the sink.
Says who?
Pee in the sink.jpg

Women piss in the sink all the time. Ever been to a house party and the bathroom is really busy and the girls are filing in there two and three at a time? Hate to break it to you, but they're not having a pillow fight. It's a pissing free for all in there.

Oh, speaking of which, party at my place this Saturday. We have two bathrooms.
sorry Johannes, mjp, hooch and others who don't believe, this sounds like Bukowski: I do.
Pee? He said, "pee in the sink"? I just find that hard to buy.

The entire sentiment, phrasing it as a cute little quotable like that, is unlikely. That no one can find a source only makes it more unlikely.

It stinks of Internet idiocy. Or Sex and the City.
Pee? He said, "pee in the sink"? [...]
you ARE right:
this word doesn't sound like Hank (be it Bukowski or Chinaski).

still it could be somewhere in his oevre, put into the mouth of someone else. (I seem to remeber him once stating how he likes his women to use the word "pee", but that was in a German translation.)

Also, it's not impossible that the use of the word "pee" was falsely attributed, but the 'real' quote would say "piss", (which could fit then, I think). If so, the above given 'quote' would be incorrect, but not 'un-Buk'.
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That the answer my friend
is just pissin' in the wind
The answer is pissin' in the sink

Jerry Jeff Walker - Pissin' In The Wind
Searched them all.
There's pissing in the sink in Ham on Rye ("I walked over to the sink and pissed." - chapter 54, page 252), but that's all.
I'm not trying to brag here by what I'm about to explain. And I'm sure there are many here who understand why sometimes you just need to piss in the sink.

If you've ever lived in a flop house, you know the room: There is a bed, a steam heater, and a sink... There is no toilet.

In addition to it being convenient, that sink is a whole lot more safe in this enviroment. Flop houses are very dangerous places. I knew guys who had three locks on their door. Partly because they didn't want to get ripped off while they were out during the day, but mostly because they were scared at night -- as well they should have been.

So you go to bed drunk, knowing that it's the only way to sleep during the night in one of these places. But you still wake up, to crazy men who shout at empty walls and women screaming because they are about to get rapped or beat. You listen to it for a bit the first few nights, then you do your best to not care.

Your four walls with the sink are still safe, even with only one lock on the door. But if you venture out into the hallway half awake and still drunk and try to make it to the shared bathroom, you're an easy mark and liable to get robbed, beat, ass-rapped or otherwise.

So, to come full circle, that's why it's better to just piss in the sink...

Pee? He said, "pee in the sink"? I just find that hard to buy. The entire sentiment, phrasing it as a cute little quotable like that, is unlikely.

from a letter to Harold Norse August 2, 1966:
"Creeley, yes, hard to blithe down, but believe he is getting desperate—finally wrote a poem about how he watched some woman pee in the sink, she didn’t piss, she pee’d and she blushed, peeing after he had fucked her—only Creeley doesn’t fuck he makes love."
[source: "On Writing"]

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