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...Death Valley 60niiiiiiiiiine!!!
Maybe my "favourite" Sonic Youth song. I like their older material a lot because without Lee Renaldo's guitar and voice there's something missing. Is Dirty my favourite album? Or Daydream Nation? I don't know. Just a very great band.
Thurston is a big fan of the Cleavland Poets (Levy, Kryss, etc) and other small press poets. He is a big supporter of the current small press.

I saw him in Amherst & Horthampton about 18 months ago for the Valga Krusa festival.

cool, SY opened me up to a lot of new music, poetry and such. i may have never read HANK (how i refer to BUKOWSKI) if it wasn't for them. i was a metal kid and started to look for new music once the hair bands set in, SY really hit me. i'm looking forward to the new record and tour!
the same girl who introduced me to Nick Cave in 1996 got me into Sonic Youth then. Yes, she was the depressive kind. We were in love.
i loved the album Goo in high school. Daydream Nation as well. haven't kept up with them though since they have out, maybe, 50 albums. any other highlights?

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