Sons of Anarchy [Caution: contains spoilers, peanuts and gluten]

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Phew. Finally able to read this thread after eventually watching the last episodes.

Whatever. I think the last season was written with crayons.

By morons.



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It kind of lost its way after Tara's hand got mangled in the van door.

I'm not sure Sutter expected it to go on for as long as it did. It feels like he had three seasons in mind, but we wouldn't let him stop. It's hard to do seven seasons of any show and have them all be great. There's always a low spot.

Overall though, fuck!



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i was explaining the final season to jordan and the more i thought about that final episode, the more corny and stupid i found it. i wish they'd just left out the homeless woman and the crows and shit and that monologue to his dad. ugh.


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When I loaded this page only the top few inches of the cigar picture was showing and I thought, "Mmm, Sons of Anarchy sausages!"


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Is anyone watching the Sons spinoff, Mayans M.C.?

The central "Jax"-replacement character is a Prospect this time around (Ezekiel "EZ"), and a college educated one at that, and the action takes place in Southern California (with a tunnel to Mexico for a change of scenery).

Only two episodes in it's already convoluted and crazy, but I like the weird and ridiculous touch of Road Warrior that they've thrown in there, and the fact that the SoCal Mayans ride low-rider bikes with big ape hanger handlebars and serape blankets rolled up and tied to the bottom of the bars (in case they need to stop for a nap, I guess) rather than those weird Sons bikes with fairings and windshields, fer chrissake. That never rang true for me, a bloodthirsty motorcycle gang riding around with windshields. The Mayans look a lot more like a real motorcycle gang, not being burdened with all the comfort and safety gear of the Sons bikes.

Mayans M.C. is no Sons of Anarchy (though neither was Sons of Anarchy after one or two too many seasons), but it's entertaining, and it has Edward James Olmos, so how bad could it be? It also has cameos in the first two episodes by Sons characters Gemma, Alvarez, Chucky and the entire Sons San Bernardino chapter.



i recently started watching sons of anarchy. i stopped at season three. the story telling is not bad, the script had potential, but there's not much to it, ron perlman & katey sagal are clearly the best actor there. maybe i just don't like there macho man attitude, the bikers kind of style, i knew that from the beginning, but i made an effort because they said this series were very good. i'm thinking about ending what i started.
i'm on the same boat, i just don't like it, it's too edgy. i wanted to watch something like the wire, or sopranos, something with a mind and not too pushy. i'm kinda new into this series world, now it's a kind of schizophrenia, everyone is making series, most of them seems to be trash, i plan on watching the good old ones, the ones before this movement started. anyway, i got trailer park boys today, i'm on season 2 right now. not bad, actually, never saw anything made like that, very original in a way, very low-budget kind of thing, without any significant point, i would say it's a mixture of napolean dynamite and shameless, very satirical, ironic.
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