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soon to be on eBay... (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
i am going to list these on ebay this afternoon, but thought i'd give first crack to forum members... some i've tried to sell before, but at higher prices. all prices include shipping to US.

shakespeare never did this, black sparrow edition. designated "photographer's copy" on colophon & signed by montfort, otherwise identical to lettered edition. includes bukowski photo print. $259.

mockingbird wish me luck. softcover, first edition. near fine with some very slight signs of use on the front/rear cover. only around 2200 printed. $29.

pulp. hardcover, second printing. fine in vg mylar dustjacket. $29.

also, for art lovers, justine is letting me sell our juxtapoz magazine with a SIGNED fold-out mark ryden poster - BIN on eBay will by $79, but i'd sell it to anyone here for $59.

thanks for indulging me.


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Jordon, I'll take the "Pulp" I've been trying to ween myself from spending so much $ on Buk stuff but... want paypal?


lothario speedwagon
whatever is easiest for you- paypal, check, etc. my paypal is jordanhurder at yah0o dot etc. but without the zero and "com" instead of "etc."


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