soup, cosmos and tears

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  1. I found this poem wedged into the first Bukowski book I ever picked up off my dad's shelves. It was ripped out of a magazine, and there is a vintage porno picture on the back.

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  2. This is from Evergreen Magazine....
  3. coolicious!

    @postino: can we have a scan instead of photograph? (yes, I KNOW it's too big to scan in one turn!)

    @bill: thx for info! is it listed in dorbin? or elswhere? if not: you have the date/number?

    postino: nice avatar!
  4. roni,

    The poem appeared in issue #79 (1970). Apparently, it was also published as a broadside.
  5. hank solo

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    Soup, Cosmos and Tears - Evergreen Review Vol. 14 No. 79 June 1970

    Here you go.


    Soup, Cosmos and Tears - Evergreen Review Vol. 14 No. 79 June 1970
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  6. Oh yeah?
    Says who?
  7. It was an offprint from that Evergreen issue, much like the offprints from The Ohio Review (two poems, 1973, signed by Bukowski, 10 copies only) or the "About a Non-Typing Night" broadside (Germany, 1984).
  8. thanks, baby!
  9. This was collected in The People Look Like Flowers At Last.
  10. PhillyDave

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    Or was it ruined in The People? I guess it wasn't because the poem search doesn't say it was.
  11. Pogue Mahone

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    There was also a bootleg of this one. I think it was the same design but bigger and on really thin paper.
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