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Wow - it is great to see there are some real Bukowski fans out in the world. Here in SA when I tell people about the man, I get blank stares. I got introduced to his works in Croatian ( born there but in South Africa last 14 years ) with translation of Hot Water Music. I just could not believe at the time that somebody could write like that.
Alas, my life often has resembed some of his characters ( not too sure if there is any subconscious tendency towards "life on the other side" ).
I am 30 years old - love ladies and good life. Studied Engineering at University, decided that owning a nightclub called Purgatory was a better way forward ( it was backward and down ) but now I sell Italian trucks for living and I am not sure still what I like - I think my ambitions are handicaped by my inherit laziness - ha ha.
Oh, besides ladies and whiskey my escape from madding crowds is my Ducati.

Well, they you go... my first time on the net on anything of this kind...
Thank you

Thanks for the welcome - I am still finding my way on how this works. I am a real PEASANT.
Saturday morning and I am in the office. Need to drown mundane reality of today with either good old Jack or anything with decent alcohol content - uh agh, I don't think I have enough change.....
i love the idea of calling a nightclub "purgatory". that makes all the sense in the world. why didnt it work out? And welcome.

Ah, the name! Product of Jack D and some recreational pharamaceuticals! No real money in nightclubs unless one is selling either drugs or women or both - I wasn't going down that road.
Had an amazing two years - there are still some links out there if you google "purgatory nightclub capetown"....

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