Special Price: New York Quarterly Bukowski Set - 50% Off (1 Viewer)

I was wondering why the math wasn't working out right. It's actually 47 issues (pictured) although the ad header indicates 41. $47 x 18 = $846; the normal price shown.

Hmmm...I'll have to get busy seeing how many uncollected poems are these.
frankly, it still seems about 50% too high. I'm not sure that I'd pay $10 a piece for these. Also, I believe that the older issues are reprints, but am not 100% sure. So, if you are a collector, paying 10 for a magazine reprint seems a bit much.

Below the list of 47, there is a list of the remaining Buk issues (30, 49, 54, 55, 56, 57 and 59) that are only available as reprints (these aren't in the group of 47). So, by inference, the 47 would seem to be originals to me.

Also, $10 seems a very fair price for an uncollected poem or two to me. Some of these have no uncollected poems, but others have 2 or 3. #37 has eight.
I just picked up an original backissue of #37 based on my own recommendation. :rolleyes: You can order single copies from the same website - shipped for about $17 - $18. Eight of the nine Buk poems are uncollected.

Thanks for bringing the NYQ to my attention, Ponder.

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