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does anybody know the publication history of this one?

I thought only 126 were signed, but this auction states 1000. that just seems wrong.

also, anyone know what Richmond's signature looks like?

It looks like this. This is from a 1994 edition of Hitler Painted Roses.
But I don't know about the publication history.

...and here's his handwriting with just his first name...

Roses.jpg Richmond letter.jpg
That looks like his signature to me. I gotta bunch signed books and letters. Started digging his work & collecting it in something like 1968 or 69. Glad I kept it all. As I have not kept a secret, I feel he's a very important poet. They'll figure that out later, after he's passed on.
That signature is real. I'm not sure of the limitation, but doubt that they could get Steve or anyone to sign 1000 copies (i'm not sure how the Webbs did it....).

This was probably signed later and the seller assumed that 1000 trade copies were 1000 signed copies.

Just got done reading Spinning Off Bukowski. Some good lines in there, although as a prose writer it seems to me that he (Steve Richmond) has got too much personality. May follow Rekrabs lead, though, and dig some of his poetry if the books ever pop up.

Here's an example of a good line (read: paragraph) from Spinning:
Papers and pens and paper clips, etc. are also on top of Hank's desk. It's all very very neatly organized. Immediately I can see Hank's extreme focus and self discipline, just by the way his working papers are so neat, so organized, perfect order. Hank is waging a campaign and his supplies and how he keeps them will definitely not be his undoing. He is taking over modern literature, that's all, he's taking over.
p.26 (c)Sundog Press 1996

This is from a visit Steve made to Bukowski's Delongpre place in 1965 (according to Steve). The question I would pose for any writers/artists out there is: how organized do yall stay? I recall Bill Bryson someplace wrote that he would never trust a writer who kept a tidy writing station, so there are certainly multiple possible approaches ..

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p.s. s.p. I didn't see this is an ancient thread.

As far as I know 126 signed copies has been printed.

The confusion is that the publisher? or someone else has written on a blanc page in the signed edition (with a pencil) 1/1000

Signed edition:


Regular edition:

Yes, old thread - I was talking more about the content of Spinning Off, and not about the publication history. Wasn't sure if it was better to do it here or to start a new thread (or to keep my yapper shut, as I'm sure some would have preferred).
I dont' want to hurt anybody's feelings if they're a big Richmond fan BUT I just read, "Spinning off Bukowski" and I thought it was horrible. The guy can't write. There were so many clunky sentences that I had to stop and go back to the beginning of the sentence and re-read it, slowly. His words had no flow! You know how you read some books and the words flow so smoothly that the pages just turn? That was not the case here. He had the nerve to say that Neeli Cherry's biography of Buk was bad. Are you kidding me? Neeli's book was revealing and interesting and was well written. I just read it 2 months ago so it is fresh in my mind. I don't know the first thing about Richmond's poetry, maybe it is really good. I'll check out one of his books at Barnes and Noble. I hope his poetry is good because this book on Bukowski was really bad.
HANK is written very poorly and sloppily. Granted it was the first serious bio, but still, with the level of cooperation and access that Neeli had he did a very mediocre job. Locked is not perfect but is far superior. Born Into This is definitive thus far.
I read the revised edition of Cherry's book and Neeli himself says the 2nd edition is better than the first. What is "Locked'? Who wrote that? The DVD Born Into This is really good. I bought that with some Christmas money. It was great to see Hank just walking around. All I had ever seen of him was him sitting at the bar in Barfly. It was cool to see him riding in the back see of the car and walking across the street and the various spots they filmed outside.
Richmond has his moments. He's well-represented in Wormwood (some good material there), and he has some good publications otherwise (such as Hitler Painted Roses). On the other hand, he spent much of his writing life as a hopeless junky. There are certainly some good moments, but many not so good. Take him with a grain or 20,000 of salt. Hit/miss.
If you didn't like Spinning, you probably won't like Richmond's poetry. Personally, I think he's a genius, but that's just my opinion. His life was a train wreck, he was a spoiled trust fund baby, a junky who threw away a couple million in 18 months and died penniless, a shambles. As a writer, he never wavered, never compromised. His writing works for me. I find every poem more interesting than anything from our poet laureates.
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HANK is written very poorly and sloppily. [...]

It's not very reliable as a (critical) biography, right. The research was sloppy, right. I see it more as a kind of memoir or collection of anecdotes and at that it's a beautiful thing. I like it.

btw. Today's Neeli's birthday.

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