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I just recalled that -at least- two Bukowski stories appeared in Spontan (German mag) in 1970. Here are the titles of the stories:

"Das Mädchen ohne Rock..."
"Ein Dämon mit Schenkeln"

Would you translate the second one as "The Lady with the Legs"? If so, the English version was published in Hustler in 1985, fifteen years later!

How would you translate the first title?
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1. The girl/lady without skirt

2. A demon with legs/thighs

Dämon = demon; but it might as well be, that it's "The Lady with the Legs"
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is there any source mentioned for the stories? (like earlier appearences?) Do they name the translator?

I also remember, that some magazines in Germany took essays from his 'Notes'-column and just GAVE it a title and published this as a short-story. Could be one of them.

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