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old and in the way
It was indeed. Exceeded bandwidth limits, as the kids say. A bit of rejiggering straightened everything out.

We now return you to your previously scheduled program.
The biggest source of bandwidth use is the pictures section. I think there are a lot of blogs and sites out there that link directly to the images here. I'll have to put some voodoo on them to prevent that.

not that I was worried. I had other stuff to do. like.....well, you know, stuff.
man stuff. extremely important man stuff. you wouldn't understand.
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All we need now is a site who'll sell us some decent rapture clothes. And what about rapture food? Our last meal should contain the right sorta food for the upcoming rapture.
I'm sure Jebus would agree.
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I'm going to wear this. it's fun and comfortable, but still dressy enough for most situations.

I've gotta admit you have a good taste...and in clothes too, Hooch! You're gonna look great in that dress and the hat is just icing on the cake. Jebus will be very pleased with you.
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Wow - is she really sincere ? That thing is written so over-the-top with IMPORTANT words CAPITALIZED for EMPHASIS that I thought it was a parody of some kind. Like something from The Onion.

But I can tell from their gospel group-style family portrait that I don't want to spend eternity with these people.
Someone doesn't have any time on their hands, but someone can't stand to live in this world with these people sometimes, so someone might be venting somewhat.

I'm going to wear this. it's fun and comfortable, but still dressy enough for most situations.
Bitch. Like you're skinny enough to pull that off. Ya, right. You know I was wearing that hat to the rapture and you go and post this shit. Whatever.
well, for your information, bitch, I'm on the Rapture diet. Pat Robertson sends me vials of it every week. he writes me the sweetest letters, he says he gonna pull my Golden Cord personally. that's right.

oh, and by the way? that hat and your big melon head? not going to happen.

Before you go picking out all of the right clothes, notice the earthquakes are slowing down. In fact Rebekkah Slute Jenkins was seen partying with the girls at Chippendales Las Vegas last night. Is that middle name pronounced Slut?
Rebekkah Slute Jenkins will be gone baby, gone. you know like the movie with casey affleck. suspicious.

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