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And in the end...
If your not into buying 'stuff' and want to travel light, sign up to Spotify's system, which gives access to gazillions of stuff, without the burden of owning it - relieve yourself brothers and see the light! You can get it free, ( including a massive amount of Bukowski readings including 'There's gonna be a goddamn riot in here"if you limit it to your computer.Or go the whole hog and for a tenner a month (and no pesky ads) have the whole goddamn universe of music and more, on everything (phone etc) How Egalitarian is that??? (em... so long as you have a computer, a a smart phone etc...) but it is the way forward and the artists do get paid (don't have scooby how that works though) Just Stream....
For all of Spotify's blather about how much they pay out in royalties, virtually none of that money goes to fringe or less-popular artists. Supporting Spotify only serves to make the rich richer. Which is exactly how the recording industry has worked since it was created. Unless you're selling 250,000 units, you'll make more money opening up your guitar case and playing on a street corner.

Egalitarian? Not for the bulk of the artists.
The majority of record labels have opened up their catalogues to Spotify,we are in a period of massive change and I don't quite think anyone has got a solid handle on it, however you can't un-invent the wheel, streaming via platforms like Spotify at least get royalties to the artists unlike bootlegging. I agree for younger/smaller bands building an audience on the internet via viral videos/youtube etc is needed, but young bands are all pretty savvy about this. As for us the consumer, there is no comparison, the enormous catalogue of music and other 'stuff' available (free or on a paying basis) through our favoured media:computer, smart phones, smart tv etc is fantastic! (this and a combination of vinyl records - which I personally will never go back to - despite the venerable Jack White being ambassador for, seems to me, how it's going, but that's just me.
If the quality of the sound itself isn't important to you, then yes, streaming is a great thing. But since music is sound, that makes it a less than great thing. I know it's "good enough" for most people, just like looking at art or watching a movie on a tiny screen is "good enough," but for me it isn't. As far as music is concerned, anyway.

One day it could be, but even when the infrastructure will support moving the huge files necessary for quality sound, it's still extremely unlikely that everything will be available, so for anyone who doesn't have relatively mainstream taste, it will never be the answer.

I've been advocating for the Internet among artists and musicians for almost 20 years, so I'm not exactly a newcomer, Luddite or technophobe. The problem is, the potential for freedom is slowly being co-opted by companies whose goal it is to set up systems that resemble the systems the Internet was supposed to topple. So now instead of being fucked by a big record company you can be fucked by the likes of Spotify and iTunes.

The potential I saw 20 years ago is largely still just that; potential. We'll see how it plays out, and whether someone can create a massive clearinghouse that actually benefits creative people on every scale. Not just the top tier, who are always going to get paid, whatever the delivery system is.

But we do get closer all the time.
Well OK. Mr Grumpy Pants, I'm sticking to my guns and saying that for me, I've made the decision to go with Spotify as of this month, (already have it free on the computer) but am going to say bye to iTunes., I'm going with the tenner a month deal and have available to me every goddamn piece of music and other stuff in the known universe - almost - streamed to my phone and therefore docking station etc. Recognise what your saying about sound quality, but given the two strongest trends/growth areas for the coming years are streaming and vinyl, guess you could have the best of both worlds.

PS, when you've got your headphones on ( if their good quality) the sound is fantastic, how small the device is doesn't matter, bigger isn't always better!
For the record (see what I did there?), Mrs. Cabbage pants:
A) Vinyl is not the best way to reproduce music, and it is not generally high quality sound. Especially most vintage vinyl (and why would you bother playing records if it isn't to listen to the older things that are only available on vinyl?).
B) Size does matter. The $0.39 amplifier in your iPod is still a sad little piece of miniaturized plastic and silicon shite, regardless of the headphones you plug in to it. In fact, spending a lot of money on headphones to plug in to a cheap device is a waste (after a certain point). Headphones in general are a waste, and a pitiful way to listen to music.

But again, those kinds of things are good enough for most people.

I'm a musician though, and I made my living playing, mixing and recording music for several years, so it stands to reason that my standards for quality sound may be different than the average bear. The sound quality "thing" is an argument I get into with everyone (ask the Chance Press kids who had to listen to me pontificate on it when they were sitting in my living room a few weeks ago). They made it out alive, so I figure I'm pretty harmless.
For the record (see what I did there?), Mrs. Cabbage pants:
Ouch... that hurt!... I have no idea about the cabbage patch reference but guess it isn't good. Forgive me for not knowing that you were a musician ( how was I supposed to? I'm a nurse - and probably a troll? since we're swapping job info) What was intended as a little bit of fun in mentioning Spotify , the fact that it's free, legal, fantastic and contains Bukowski stuff has all turned a bit sour. Llife is way too short (believe me I've witnessed that enough) to go through it being a bitch or mean and unkind, so I think I'll say Bye, and save you the gracelessness of my posts. x
Now look what you've done Jordan.
Ouch... that hurt!... I have no idea about the cabbage patch reference but guess it isn't good.
For the record, it was cabbage pants, and it was a response to "Mr Grumpy Pants."

You're taking things way too seriously, kid.
Well, ok then,but maybe you should just get to your bed then, since it's probably the middle of the night there and wake up in a better mood! x
Skyguy: mjp can be a bit grumpy, but deep down he's a real ppl person. A bit like "Red" Stodolsky- deceased proprieter of Baroque Books.

And of course, I mean "grumpy" in a g(o)od way...
Skygazer...I think that was the better mood.

Yes, I know it was it was the better mood... I was just teasing him... do I have some weird death wish thing going on?

I had a pair of cabbage pants back in '86/'87. they were pretty fly but wild rabbits kept following me around. It became a problem.

HM, I still don't know what that meant at all, but I will leave well alone.
But the rest of you in the U.S. or Canada, it's less than $10, so buy it. Throw a bone to the guy who went out of his way to make it available to you.

Indeed, we did throw the bone to the man.
As for headphones, beware! I have developed mild tinnitus from listening to music through headphones over the years.
It really sucks!
Now, let's all do the cabbage patch dance!
Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrghhh, thats it!!! PM i have no inclination to grow a pair thanks! and GB - too much information thanks, Now I'm off to listen to the lovely Mr Bukowski read some Godamn poetry on Spotify for free, through my Godamn headphones, before I head oot the door! any other fucker want to comment feel free, I ain't here.x

There’s money in this, apparently, but it’s not accruing to the artists. Not long ago Damon Krukowski of the seminal alternative rock band Galaxie 500 broke down his earnings from streaming services. The results weren't great. To earn the equivalent of one LP sale, his songs needed to be played 47,680 times on Spotify. A second musician, Zeo Keating, reported that Pandora paid her $1,652.75 for more than 1.5 million song plays. So far, the large music labels have been able to negotiate with streaming services, but as the streaming music players get bigger their power will increase; Spotify is apparently looking for price breaks from the major labels.

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