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So what you're saying is when someone is annoying and brings nothing but empty little puffballs of crap to the table for a prolonged period of time, they should be left alone to do whatever they want to do and turn the forum into a teen-vampire-crush gigglefest - unless they somehow happen to be the same age and sex as the person who finds them annoying, in which case then it's okay to mock them?

I just want to be clear on your rules, Mr. Sensitive.
If I ever get weepy for pigmantoo do call the AAPCC.
I just want to be clear on your rules, Mr. Sensitive.
You dictate who is annoying. My rules mean nothing. If all she was was "puffballs of crap" she would have been banned. She posted 700+ times. I do appreciate the patience shown in someone who tried to turn this forum in to a teen-vampire-crush gigglefest without banning them. I'm somehow seeing things in a new perspective.
You dictate who is annoying.
It might seem that way, but it isn't always the case. Sometimes I do pull the trigger on my own. But more often, other users come to the moderators and myself and say, "Why are we letting so-and-so continue to post crap!" So more often than not, it is not one person's decision.

As for who I choose to ridicule, technically, they decide that, not me.
That's OK, mjp. My last post here was altered. solo changed it or you did. Weird. I'll leave you with this:

[This video is unavailable.]

Oh, goddamn that Chinese subtitle shit polluting the vid.

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