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Someone was asking in another thread, "Who is Stephan Dulka?" I don't know much, but here is what I have been able to find.

Stephan Dulka was an English teacher at Niigata University in Niigata Japan (American prostitutes in Japan are also said to be "English teachers"). Dulka is not American, however, he is Canadian. His father was an Italian immigrant laborer and his mother a Winnipeg scrubwoman and street prostitute. Dulka stole his parents life savings ($601 Canadian) at he age of 18 and used the money to attend McGill University in Montreal, where he graduated in 1989 with a Master's Degree in Women's Spirituality (WSMA).

Only hours after graduation, Stephan Dulka was arrested for indecent exposure and sent to a Montreal mental hospital for observation. Several incidents of sexual assault on heavily sedated fellow inmates caused Dulka to be transferred to Pied-du-Courant Prison in Quebec, where he was put into protective custody after being severely beaten within minutes of his arrival. Two years into his sentence he escaped from prison by hiding in a 90 year old septic tank that was being removed from the prison grounds.

Once on the outside, Stephan Dulka made his way on foot to Halifax Nova Scotia, where he snuck onto a fishing boat by burrowing into a bait container and staying there for the duration of trip. The trip took six weeks and when Dulka emerged from the chum vat he found himself in the port city of Fukuoka, Japan. He paid his way to Niigata by entertaining middle-aged men at "business hotels" along the way.

Soon after he arrived in Niigata, Stephan Dulka was hitchhiking through town when he was picked up by Fumitake Gejyo who took him into his home as a sort of third-string concubine. Dulka was kept in a gardening shed in Gejyo's tiny yard until his extended crying jags, pouting and sullen moods prompted Gejyo to offer him a job at the university where he worked. It turned out Gejyo was the president of Niigata University, and one day in 1996 he brought Dulka in to his office and instructed a member of his staff to "Find this Gaijin a job where he can't break anything and does not have access to young children," and thus Dulka's career as an "English teacher" was launched.

Even though he was relegated to a dark, tiny classroom in the basement of Niigata University, Stephan Dulka still managed to find trouble. Japanese authorities are hesitant to comment, but the American tabloid news show mentioned in the other thread featured the story of Dulka's expulsion from Niigata U and his subsequent imprisonment. They speculated that he will not live long enough to be released.

That's all I know about Stephan "Steve" Dulka, a.k.a. MULLINAX, CIGARPIPEMAN (on eBay), BENPLEASANTS, SAN PEEDRO, etc. He is obsessed with this forum and web site and visits here several times every day, even though every time he creates a new forum user we ban or delete it immediately. He also sends rambling, threatening emails, detailing his deviant prison sexual activities and vowing to one day be released and "CUM 2 AMERICA 2 WHUP YER ASS."

Now you know everything I know.
You forgot to mention he always ends his emails with the old Chinese curse, "May you have an interesting life", and that he does'nt sell books to people living in Oakland. :D
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Dulka is Mullinax? And etc.? Oh boy! I've bought a few things from him off ebay and he was decent to deal with. Must have made a grand impression around here prior to my signing up. Good thing I collect Bukowski and not favorable impressions.



It just seems big because he's in Japan. Har har har.

Imagine being so incompetent and useless that you have to go all the way to Japan to teach Engrish. 8 million schools in North America that need English teachers, but you're just not quite good enough for any of them. Well, you can always teach English in Japan...

His parents must be so proud. They probably think he's successful. "Oh, yah, Stevie's in Ja-pahn you know, ya. Doing real good there, too. Oh, yah, they all love him, them Ja-pahneeze, yah. Wife? No, no, he ain't got no wife. He's too busy, ya know."
I am obligated to point out that Mr. Phillips assumes and believes that there is no truth to the implication or insinuation of predatory pedophilia in the above image.

Furthermore, the image below is assumed and believed to expressly not be Stephan "Steve" Dulka, A.K.A. MULLINAX:

dulkasan (1).jpg

And finally, Mr. Phillips wishes to make it perfectly clear that any similarity between the following information and Mr. Dulka's real and actual identity is purely coincidental, that the link below does not lead to a site where Mr. Dulka offers English tutoring, and also that Yasuko Sasage Dulka is in all likelihood not Mr. Dulka's wife and is almost certainly not being actively drugged into submission and/or held against her will.

Thank you.


Stephan Dulka Doruka [adviser]
(McGill University) Canada, McGill university degree (McGill University).
Manipulate the translator in 5 languages including English, French, Italian.
Meeting in Japan with an interest in "Snow Country" by Yasunari Kawabata.
1992 ALT Japan as a (junior high school English teacher) ALT 1992.
1997, serialized in "sleep corner of Steve taunted" Sports, Japan.
Currently serve the Niigata University lecturer at schools and companies.
The interviewer follows a two-class English proficiency. STEP BULATS
Hobby, making beer.

Yasuko Sasage Dulka dedicated representative Doruka (Aka Mr. Chan did)
English cram school for many years engaged in teaching first-class, English at school.
(English) with a teacher's license Junior and Senior High Schools.
Calligraphy teacher, vocal music hobby.
I like the description of the Snow Country book on Amazon; "chronicles the affair between a wealthy dilettante and the mountain geisha who gives herself to him without illusions or regrets."

Of course he wants to meet people with an interest in that book. I think it's safe to say that's Dulka's fantasy life right there, in a nutshell ("nut" pun intended, you're welcome).

I Shall travel to Japan, where no one will immediately recognize what a pile of shit I am, and I will find a back-country simpleton who will worship me as a genius and exotic Canadian god. Then I shall painstakingly exact my revenge on the wretched American filth who never accepted me or recognized my brilliance. They will pay dearly. They will be devastated and crippled by my stinging barbs, which will be cleverly cloaked in rambling eBay auction descriptions that no one understands. It is the perfect form of revenge! The final victory will be mine!
I am obligated to point out that Mr. Phillips assumes and believes that there is no truth to the implication or insinuation of predatory pedophilia...

maybe so, but i pity that poor cat...looks like the pet-rufie is just kicking in...

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