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Dennis Miller was my first thought. I hated it when that guy was doing Monday Night Football. Pretentious as hell and not fun. Tries way too hard. The bobblehead doesn't look a thing like Bukowski.
yeah, Dennis Miller and Victoria Jackson are a sad disappointment

At least she took her racist, anti-Obama rants down. She is a hardcore right-wing nutjob who thinks that Obama is the antichrist...

Still, you gotta check out her shitty poem "The Coyote", which, of course, all comes back to religion...



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They look like mjp...
They look like me because they are me. Note that the seller is Greg Smith of ATOM MIND magazine and publisher (in the last century) of my first book alternative man.

The bobble-heads were part of an unprecedented small press promotional push. Bobble head dolls, stadium seat cushions, beer can cozies, an Ann Taylor line of alternative woman grunge business suits, an appearance on the Larry King show, a limited edition alternative man Toyota Corolla (hand painted by the ghost of Keith Haring), a Soviet satellite launch that was supposed to project the book cover onto the moon, etc., etc.

But very little of that promotion took place. Only the books and dolls were made, and I was told that the dolls were all returned to the factory to be repurposed as Mikhail Gorbachev dolls. But it looks like the bastard was lying to me and kept them, just putting a "Bukowski" sticker over my name.

Well, what can you do.
I bought a black market version of one of them ann taylor ALT WOMAN suits for my mom.

she didn't care for it; thought the matching doc martin high heels were a bit much...


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Is this some kind of American joke ?


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didn't you guys hear? Carell is paying Buk in Judd Apatow's adaption of Post Office.

these are obviously movie tie-in's.

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