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So a couple of weeks ago I was browsing all the books at the .99 cents store and came upon a 1st edition hard cover copy of Steve's "Born Standing Up." I've been a fan of a lot of his movies, never knew he wrote anything beyond this auto-biography. I met Steve while he filmed Father of the Bride near my parents house and he was beyond nice, generous, etc. So when I bought the book, I figured, eh, something to read during the slow times. ANyway, half way through it, I started to remember Pamela in Scarlett mentioning Buk opening for Steve Martin, and as Martin started describing many gigs at the Trobadour in L.A. I turned each page faster and faster hoping for a Buk reference. Unfortunately one never came. However, the book was a fantastic read, I tore through it in about a week and got a real good glimpse of what he went through in the 70's trying to break through in stand up comedy. He talks a lot about the people he opened for at the Trobadour, but nenver once mentions opening acts, and I guess maybe, Buk was just another opening act. But after re-reading the chapter in Scarlett where Pamela details that night at the Troub openeing for Steve, the refridgerator on the stage, etc, I still wonder why Steve? Why mention Linda Ronstadt's shitty barefoot dancing and tambourine banging, and not BUK! The poet, who would one day become what he became? All this left me wondering, was it intentional, or would Steve Martin know who Charles Bukowski was, if someone asked him? He would have to, right? With his best selling screenplays and novels?(I mean Steve's Screenplays and now that I know, novels like shop girl?) Or was it something that just really meant nothing to him? But, to devote a paragraph and picture to Linda Ronstadt and not mention Buk? Oh well, just thought I'd share, and also say, the .99 cents store has some good books sometimes, I also picked up and read "Dead Certain, The Presidency of George W. Bush" by Robert Draper at the same time and being half way through it, it's not bad.

Last note, being born and raised in So Cal, I had no idea that Steve Martin worked at Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm for nearly a decade! Most of my firends I've shared this with, all laugh and say everyone knows that, hmmmm, I never did.
Yeah, I knew that but I never saw him there.

Linda Ronstadt was more popular than Bukowski, in those olden days, but maybe S M knows better now.
Ha, ha that was good! And yes, I now know everyone knows about Steve at the Magic Kingdom and Knott's, since Chronic, that is the exact response I get everytime I tell someone my new found secret!

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