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Here are scans of two uncollected poems and three that, according to the database, were collected under different titles. I don't have the books that these poems were collected in so can't cross reference and confirm; hopefully someone here does that would be willing to check...

STOOGE, No. 3, edited by Geoffrey Young and Laura Chester
(Albuquerque): Stooge, (1969)
“Shoelace” -- collected in Open All Night (BSP, 2000) as "Broken"
“My Hell” -- collected in Come on In! (Ecco, 2006) as "Like a Rock"
“Nothing for a Title…” -- collected in What Matters Most... (BSP 1999) as "No Title"
“O, Yes” -- uncollected
“A Bottomless Joint on Sunset near Western” -- uncollected




"Shoelace" has been broken (the usual petty changes: "basis" became "rational basis" and "your wife a whore" is gone and so on) and aptly named "Broken" in Open All Night.
The same happened to My Hell ("I am drunk" became "I sit alone", for instance) in Come On In! and (in a somewhat lesser degree) to Nothing for a Title in What Matters Most...

Thanks for all these great contributions Jason!
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