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Sold Story Magazine (Vol. XXIV, No. 106 - March-April, 1944) (1 Viewer)


I’ve got a nice copy of Story Magazine (Vol. XXIV, No. 106 - March-April, 1944) that I’d like to sell. Yes, this is the issue with “Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip” in it--Bukowski’s first appearance in print.

The condition is excellent, with just some light wear to the spine ends and a dime-sized blemish on the front cover. The interior is damn near immaculate, with white subtle pages throughout.

A completely trashed copy (with severe wear, water damage, and tape repairs on the cover) was recently listed on PBA with an estimate of $1,200 - $1,800. Amazingly, it went unsold. :oo

There are also two copies currently on ABE for $2,500 and $4,000.

I’m asking $1,200 for this one (that’s the low PBA estimate, without the 20% buyer’s premium, and for a very nice copy instead of a trashed one).

I think that's a fair price, but if you think I'm full of shit, let me know and make a more reasonable offer.

I’ll accept PayPal if anyone is interested. Shipping will be at cost for actual postage using USPS Priority Mail.

Thanks for looking!

That really is a nice copy. That being said, the reason that the one on the latest PBA auction did not sell is 1) the conditi0on was poor and 2) it was not worth the $600 that was the starting bid and was not worth $1200, even in better condition. I have seen these go time after time for under $1000, sometimes much below $1000. If I remember correctly, that $4,000 copy was bought on ebay for less than $1000. Someone here will remember. It was bought on ebay and immediately relisted for many times what it just sold for. This seller is dreaming. He will not get $4000 for it, even being Marvin Malone's copy, which is super-cool.
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Well, I guess $1,200 is NOT a fair price. I was going by PBA’s low estimate for a copy in poor condition (where did they come up with that number, I wonder?), but bospress makes an excellent point about the opening bid being only $600. At that price I’m happy to hang onto this copy. Offers are welcome if there’s any interest, but otherwise I’m sorry to have disturbed everyone with an outrageous asking price. Carry on.
There's no harm in asking for what you want. Bill's just pointing out a more likely real-world sale price.
Yeah, if I had money, I'd beg for a copy like yours at $600 and frankly, would buy them all up at that price.

More to the point, sometimes using abe as a compass works well and sometimes it does not. In this case, both of the people are asking substantially more than this is worth and more than they will get for this. Your copy may well me a fair deal at $1200. My apologies of my post implied that you should ask $600 for it. Your copy is certainly worth more than $600 especially given the nice condition.


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