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Hopefully someone here caught this -- it popped up on ABE this afternoon and was gone before I had a chance to grab it: pretty friendly price!

1. STORY [ Magazine ] Devoted solely to the short story ; March-April 1944; Vol. XXIV No. 106; Rejection Slip Aftermath (Bukowski); Channel Island Girl (Lawson); The Salamander (Seabrook); The Lieutenants (Alpert); Jugernaut (Straw); First Fish (Beck); Apotheosis of O'Donovan (Murtagh); The Cats (Brown); Caravans North (Jennings); The Wallet (Stuart); Happiness id Relative (Rockefeller) ; Black Horse (Howe); etc.,
Whit Burnett, Martha Foley; Charles Bukowski, Don Lawson, Hollis Alpert, Curtis Jennings, William B. Seabrook, Irene Calvert Straw, Warren Beck, Jeb Stewart, Leo Dillon Murtagh, Kay Rockefeller, T. K. Brown II, J.G. Howe; et al.
Random House, 1944, Magazine, , MAGAZINE FICTION LITERATURE PERIODICAL SHORT STORY, Sold as a nice reading copy only. Contains Bukowski's first published story). Single issue. Quarto, 9 1/4" tall, 104 pages, stiff color wraps.
Bookseller: Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop, Abington, MAPrice: US$ 45.00
Wow, That's pretty amazing! Somebody made a great deal and a lot of money if he decides to resell it. Hopefully, the buyer was a Buk collector and not a book seller.
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Well, timing is everything in life, isn't it.

But it could have also disappeared because the seller realized his price was 50 to 100 times lower than everyone else on that.

The ABE prices on that issue of Story are ridiculous anyway, but then what ABE prices aren't ridiculous.

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