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I bet you guys haven't seen this one. It's an uncollected short story -illustrated by Spain Rodriguez- which appeared in the May 1986 Fling issue. It's very rare and extremely hard-to-find (in fact, there are almost no entries in Google, if any).

Hmm, maybe my explanation wasn't clear enough. There's this story by B called "Stud Service" which appeared in the May 1986 Fling issue. Spain Rodriguez illustrated the story. I uploaded the illustrations only, not the story. I hope that makes sense.
No cirerita, I got it. It's just that I never knew who Spain was from the poem. Now I do... thanks to your post.
Spain Rodriguez clearly didn't mind too much

ebay listing for Spain Rodriguez' original illustrations for a German edition of Women.

So here’s a weird little mystery. I just picked up a copy of this issue (Fling May 1986) and “Stud Service” is actually the same story as “No Quickies, Remember,” which appeared in Fling in November 1971 and is collected in The Bell Tolls for No One.

But here’s the thing: The version in The Bell Tolls for No One (and presumably Fling November 1971) seems to be an older (abbreviated) version. Missing is the intro, the porn descriptions, some dialog, and other things.

In the 1986 version, there is a reference to the “Cosby Show,” so it was definitely updated – it’s not a case of the length of the 1971 version being cut. The monetary value for doing the deed was updated for 1986 as well.

Perhaps Bukowski updated it just because Spain Rodriguez was illustrating the story?


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