Sub Rosa 23 -- March 1988

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Looks like this is probably the first appearance of Hungaria, Symphonia Poem #9 By Franz Liszt.

In 2004 it was collected in The Flash of Lightning Behind the Mountain. The database says a lot of the poems in that one were modified from the manuscripts. I don't own a copy of the book, so don't know about this one.






It was butchered edited all right >:((, from the very start:

dear editor: yes, I know I write too many poems but it's not
a desire of fame, it's more or less something to do while I'm
and writing many poems keeps me loose and from getting
into a fancy artistic stance
yes, I know that I write many poems but it's not
because of ambition, it's more or less just something
to do
while I live out my life
I just hate those secretaries in BSP.
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