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NOTE: This applies to old forum software.


You can get daily or weekly email subscriptions to any of the forums here by clicking the "Forum Tools" link and selecting, "Subscribe to This Forum."

But if you're one of those Apple computer having, Jetta driving, modern types, you probably want an RSS feed. Okay, here they are:

To subscribe to a specific forum, use one of the following feeds:

- All things Bukowski
- Books, magazines, publications
- Unpublished and Uncollected
- Video, audio, film and other media
- Buy/sell/trade, want lists, eBay
- All things *not* Bukowski
- New blood

Or subscribe to all forums using this feed. you can click the little icon just to the right of "Search this forum" on any main forum page to get the url for the feed for that forum. [Icon link has been removed]

Or...just scratch your head and wonder to yourself, "What the hell is he talking about, anyway? This is really fucking boring!" and pretend you never read any of this. That's what I'd do if I were you.
mjp, what the hell are u talking 'bout, anyway, man? u outta ur head or what?

no, seriously, thanks. and just for you to know, the RSS feed does work even if you don't have an Apple. I use RssReader -freeware- to get my feeds and your link works just fine.
y'all are way to smart for me

any way remember this one?

for the mercy-mongers
first read that about 1991
and never been the same since
if I thought hard enough i guess i read burning in water orwar all the time first
in 1990. I never met anyone in ga. with a collection like mine.

but you guys are well versed lads..did you see The Crossing Gaurd?
reasonknot said:
I never met anyone in ga. with a collection like mine.

If you get a chance and it's not to awfully big, post your collection in the post your Buk collection thread. It's just cool to see all the Buk material people have collected over the years.
mjp, i was just thinking about the photo section on the site and was wondering, are you going to add anymore? there just seems to be a tiny photo section and there are so many other great photos. just a thought though...i really do have too much time on my hands.
I have a lot of stuff "in the can" waiting to be added. Pictures, paintings, miscellaneous junk, hundreds of's just a question of organizing and editing it all. Time.
When I first signed up, I couldn't upload or select an avatar either. I use Mozilla Firefox on a Windows PC.

When I tried the site in Internet Explorer, it worked - I could upload a pic.

I'm not sure why there was a problem as I have used forums powered by vBulletin in Firefox before...
angie mima said:
hey, mjp, you seem all knowledgeable. How come I can't my picture up? rrgg, I'm not seeing a reason why.
You should be able to. Are you getting an error message?
Hey Mjp and thanks a bunch for this side. Really it gives me whole lot of pleasure being stuck alone up here on Faroe islands. But a merry f....... xmas to u d'love to meet u one day. Hopes the best
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