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Hi all,
I'm a new user of this forum and i'm italian so... i hope you'll apologize me for my stupid questions and my grammar mistakes :)
well, a fried of my gave me a copy of born into this that is about 1h 55min long. i tried to catch english subtitles so i could translate them into italian but i only got subtitles about the shorter version of the documentary (the one long abot 1h 30min). there're many missing parts as you can image. so i'd wanna ask you if you've got subtiles of the regular version (the longest one) and, if yes, if you can send them to me...i and the italian traslators community will thank you all :-)
see ya
Hi: I'm George and I'm looking for spanish subtitle of Born Into This. How can i get it? If somebody is there I need that help.

If somebody can help me about spanish subtitle for Born Into This write me to [email protected]
Thanks again
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Spanish subtitle for 'Born Into This'

I've almost completed a carefully crafted Spanish subtitle to this dvd. Well, better said: it's for a dvd rip (avi format) that is making the rounds on some blog. I could post a link to the subtitles here, but I'm not sure if i'm not messing with copyrights. I don't want to cause trouble to this nice forum.

If someone of the 'elders' from the forum have a word on this matter I'll be more than happy to read it.

Greetings from Uruguay... :o
I'm not sure if you'll have trouble with the elders as much as it can get you sued by the producers of the film....

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If the film and the subtitles are inseparable, no we won't let you link to it. The rule of thumb is; if it's still commercially available, we do not advocate making copies available for free. You aren't giving away your translation, you're giving away the movie. I understand you have worked hard on a translation, but it's not cool to give away the movie in the process.


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No way, Jose

Thanks mjp and for the answer. I was only considering giving a link just for the subtitles, but I understand that this would also lead people to track any dvd rip (that I didn't post) on the web and that's not right.

Please, consider my previous post as it never happened :o

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