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I recently was introduced to Bukowski last year and began reading some of his short stories ( I started out with Notes of A Dirty Old Man, was enthralled and started reading other short stories, like Hot Water Music). As of late, I just finished a book of poetry by Bukowski, You get so alone at times it just makes sense, and enjoyed it. Does anyone have any suggestions on other poetry books by him that I can take into consideration?
Welcome to the forum, Mick! - Buk has written many poetry books, but here's two good titles: Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame, has a lot of the early good poems in it. And, The Last Night of the Earth Poems, his last poetry book, is full of good poems. Both books (as well as others) ranks among his best poetry books...
Last edited by a moderator: suggestion is: start with Buk's early work only. To me it was/is interesting to follow man's life.

Burning in water, drowning in flame, yes, and Roominghouse madrigals.

Novels: Start with Ham on rye and NOT with Post office.

I guess many people will disagree with my sugesstions....

Oh, welcome, Mick :)
Well, i started from Love is a dog from Hell and for me it;s one of the best. If you want to read a novel i suggest you a Women. But I don't know why you can't start with The Post Office.
Hi Domator,

It's just a suggestion. I tried to read Bukowski's novels and his poetry books like a biography. I don't start in the middle of them.
Hi MickMoney,

This question is asked here very often. And all the time I answer it, I recommend the same books. This time it's especially easy, since one of my classical-reccomends was already named twice, so I'll just add what you heared already:
'Burning in Water Drowning In Flame'.
The reason: good overview of early work starting from 1955 going into the 70s. (that's b/c it contains off the early, now out-of-print books 'It catches my Heart', 'Crucifix in a Deathhand' and 'At Terror Street' plus new ones from 1972-73.)
My 2nd standard-reccomendation is one you already know. It's 'You get so Alone'.
So, yeah, start with 'Burning'. Then - maybe - you'd follow Buks own advice in the preface to it, to go for 'The Days Run Away' and 'Mockingbird'. But, sure, he wasn't able to recommend all the other books to follow at that time :-))
I've always thought that LOVE IS A DOG was one of Hank's worst books - as was its accompanying novel WOMEN - maybe that's why they're so popular?
ROOMINGHOUSE, BURNING, DAYS, and MOCKINGBIRD are definitely the best places to start, but I like his later work quite a bit as well. (LAST NIGHT didn't work for me at 17 the way Buk's earlier stuff did, though.)
As for novels, while HAM is definitely great, I think FACTOTUM is his best written - as well as the one he put the most work into - and I usually loan that one out to first-timers looking for a taste.
curious: how are you measuring how much work he put into various novels? from interviews/letters, or just from how intricate you perceive the writing to be?
curious: how are you measuring how much work he put into various novels?
I think he's referring to the fact, that it took the longest time to get finished. Buk was working (or rather NOT-working) on it for years.
Maybe that's even why it lacks continuity in a way. He even hadn't finished it when starting to work on his next one, 'Women'. I guess he lost interest a little during writing 'Factotum'. But that's just a guess of course.
well if youre looking for good early poetry, go with The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills or Mockingbird Wish Me Luck. also, The Roominghouse Madrigals is a very strong/early collection.

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