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anyone have an opinion?
someone new to bukowski, what should be the first 5-10 works to purchase? i really like the poems i've found on the net.
glad i found a new place to hang out.
thanks to all.
welcome,not everyone will say the same thing,I pick up my books at the library,then the ones i liked i went out and picked up,that 's when funds are low ...anyway enjoy the forum
Any novel, except Pulp, which is very different from the others. Read that one last. Try Post Office, Women or Hollywood (watch Barfly before you read Hollywood).

Any collection of short stories. Try South Of No North f.ex.

Poem collections:
For early poems, try Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame.
For late poems, try The Last Night Of The Earth Poems
For poems between those two periods, try f.ex. Dangling In the Tournefortia or War All The Time.

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