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I'd have to ask... why the third floor? Is it because there's a chance you might live? I mean... it isn't THAT high, when you think about it...

Hm. Now when I read the article... I get the symbolic nature of the act, but... DAMN. I hope I never work a job that is so bad I want to die. I haven't since high school...
There was a German book titled 'Encyclopedia of the prominent suicides' and that's what it is. Fairly big volume. (Who would have thought of people like Alan Turing?)


(unfortunately out-of print.
When it came out, I wrote a review about it - that's always a nice way to get books for free :-))
ISBN: 978-3896022653)
I'd hazard a guess those poor bastards feeling driven to kill themselves by their employer are working in call centres. What was it Chinaski once said about living in cages with golden bars?
Whatever happened to "going postal" to solve your workplace problems?

Not that I condone either choice: suicide or murder.

Bukowski's postal employees (himself included) definitely were dying on the job.

It almost seems like when the unions got workers some benefits, and then with them being clawed back over the last couple decades, along with downsizing (less people doing the same amount of work), those remaining have been snapping. Benefits, etc., gave a future to dead end jobs. Of course, some figured they had entitlement to all they had in previous contracts and abused the system (sick plans, especially sick plans where I work).

Too many broad generalizations, I know, but work sucks for me now more than it did 10 years ago. I came back from our last strike thinking, 10 years until I get a pension; if I make it I make it, if I don't that's fine too.

Now I'm at 2 years and a month. Same feeling. (Although, now, I'm almost waiting for the "other shoe" to drop re. pensions.)

And then some fucking cat decides to run in front of the bus and I'm reliving 28 years worth of old horror stories. Who needs this shit?
I'd hazard a guess those poor bastards feeling driven to kill themselves by their employer are working in call centres. What was it Chinaski once said about living in cages with golden bars?

I've done a lot of manual labour jobs so I'm aware of physical hardship, but honestly eight or nine hours of working in a call centre drains you like no other job.
the last thing i can image is killing myself because of a crappy job. these guys should have read bukowski. perhaps it would have saved their lives.
Suicide is no laughing matter and the people considering it, or those who are conflicted deeply inside, are worthy of our prayers...for those who believe in that type of thing, or who have seen power of it. I have seen it turn around lives and change life & death situations, starting with my own family and friends... In the meantime, there's not enough armour in the world to keep out the world, and people aren't always the enemies we might think they are.
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There CAN be good reasons for suicide. Today, in the local TV news, they told about a cancer patient who traveled to Switzerland to obtain an assisted suicide. That's possible in Switzerland, Belgium and Holland. A doctor will then determine if you're terminally ill and in enough of a bad shape to get assisted suicide. This particular cancer patient had only weeks to live, was on oxygen and had lost over 60 pounds, so he was an obvious candidate. The family drove him to Switzerland so he could have a worthy death without having to suffer to the bitter end, because that's what he wanted. He also wanted a TV crew to come along so his death could contribute to the ongoing debate of assisted suicide for the terminally ill. They did'nt show his death on TV, of course, but they did show his interview with the Switz doctor who was to decide if he fulfilled the criteria. The camera cut away as he was drinking a tranquilizer, which was the first step in the procedure. I can't say I blame the guy for using this option.
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The writer Hugo Claus took use of the euthanasia opportunity last year:

Claus suffered from Alzheimer's disease and requested his life to be terminated through euthanasia at the Middelheim Ziekenhuis in Antwerp on March 19, 2008[12]. Euthanasia is legal in Belgium.

The Flemish Minister of Culture stated, "I knew him well enough to know that he wanted to depart with pride and dignity."[13] Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt said that he imagined the onset of Alzheimer's must have been "inevitable and unbearable torture". "I can live with the fact that he decided thus," he said, "because he left us as a great glowing star, right on time, just before he would have collapsed into a black hole."[9]

His death by euthanasia has received criticism from the Roman Catholic Church and the Belgian Alzheimer League[14]. The Roman Catholic Church criticized the media coverage; Cardinal Godfried Danneels referred to Claus' euthanasia in his Easter Homily[15]. The Belgian Alzheimer League respects Claus' decision, but believes the media coverage of his death neglects other options for Alzheimer patients.
Suicidal thoughts are a psychological problem. If you want to see the person you care about die, by all means pray for them. If you want to see them live, get them to a head doctor.

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